Broken Foot? Traevon, We Should Have Sat You Anyways.

So we lost to Rutgers this weekend and word on the street says it’s due to Traevon Jackson’s fractured foot, and Frank the Tank’s concussion. Let’s take a look back at our last loss…to Duke (who also lost Sunday, and again to Miami as I’m writing this). In that game, Duke shot over 60% from the field IN THE KOHL’s CENTER! Can’t win when your opponent shoots over 60%. Well, that happened again this Sunday against Rutgers after the Badgers let a 12 point halftime lead slip away. Rutgers went on to shoot 67% for the half and win 67-62. The badgers hovered around 43% FG’s which is commendable, but shot an unBadgerly 50% FT and took 21 3-point shots making just 5. If we took 5 of those 3-point attempts and turned them into well-run, high percentage shots, we sneak away with a win, regroup for Nebraska, and move into the Top 4 ahead of Duke.

Here’s my point…

There’s one player who stands out on the Badger’s lineup…and not in a good way. Traevon Jackson. My friends and family will tell you that I simply cannot stand him being on the court with the rest of the team. Jackson is a selfish point player who has below average ball-handling skills, and a big head. A deadly combination that’s been tested more than once. Look back at some tape if you need, but on a regular basis, if the shot clock is anywhere near the 10-second mark, Trae will keep the ball himself, dribble, dribble, dribble, 4, 3, 2…and launch up an off-balance 3-point attempt. Problem is, he’s got a decent shot and he ends up making them once-in-awhile. This only inflates the problem and increases the size of his head. Granted, Jackson can shoot FT’s like no one else in the college and he’s made some HUGE shots in his career that have helped lead the Badgers to NCAA tournament wins. I’m just saying he’s not as good as HE thinks. His attitude is toxic.

So here’s the actual topic of this post. Traevon Jackson is out with a fractured foot, going to have surgery, and the Badgers get to ‘test out’ next year’s starting point guard Bronson Koenig for the foreseeable future. You can tell me all you want about Jackson’s almost 10PPG and crazy good FT%, but I’m picking Koenig all day. I can already tell that Koenig has started to pick up on Jackson’s mannerisms on the court, and that has to stop if the Badgers are going to be contenders in the 2015-16 season. Bronson has to fly solo. He’s a better athlete than Trae, and a more intelligent basketball player. Koenig has a decent amount of experience in high-pressure NCAA tournament situations and he can score. He plays TEAM ball and takes good shots. That’s what makes him a better Badger Basketball player. Take your time, look for the open shot, run the play, get a high-percentage look. It’s not about your stats, it’s about a W.

Go Big Red.

  • Brian

    Koenig will fill the PG slot well, and I think there’s a good chance we’ll see Jackson coming off the bench when he get’s healthy. I’ve had similar feelings about Jackson’s attitude, but at least he can provide a little bit of slashing skills that the other starters lack. It’ll be good to ‘try out’ Koenig during the meat of the B1G play, and get new squads playing together.