Dez Bryant: To Catch Or Not To Catch?

So we’re just days away from book-ending the Seattle Seahawks season for them, but it seems the Dez Bryant catch, or lack thereof, is grabbing the headlines more than the performance that the Packers and Cowboys BOTH had. Well I think that’s just too bad.

As a Packer fan, a “controversial call” in the 4th quarter that goes my way might be exactly what I’d want, but let me tell you why I hate it.

I hate it because it overshadows the entire game. Now instead of talking about how close it was, or how well both teams performed in the cold, we’re talking about how the referees ripped off Dallas, or how “Karma, they had it coming.” My question is how come no one is talking about how much time was left on the clock? With 4:00-to-go and a one possession game, why is Dez getting the limelight? I think the defense should have STEPPED UP and played 3 plays to get the ball back so they had a chance to win.

Gene Steratore was the official for this game and 4 years ago actually made the SAME CALL to coin the process-rule as the “Calvin Johnson rule.” This guy’s been calling plays for decades in both the NCAA Basketball and NFL realm. Needless to say, he’s all about the rules. Whether or not the rule should be changed is a different story, but take the catch out of the context of an NFL playoff game, and it makes sense why this was called incomplete. Imagine a receiver is going out of bounds appears to make the catch, two feet in, and when he hits the ground the ball pops out. Same process-rule. Same result. Incomplete pass.

I’m not saying it’s an easy call to make, and honestly, I’d rather have it be a catch because now it’s the only thing that will be remembered from this NFC Divisional Playoff game, not Aaron Rodgers 300+ yards and 3TDs, not Lacy’s 100 yards rushing, not Davante Adams breakout rookie playoff game. A rule, called by the books, that “robbed the Cowboys of a win.” Boy’s next time things “don’t go your way” with 4 minutes to go, do us all a favor…man up, play defense, and win the game regardless of the refs.

Go Pack.

  • Scott

    Nicely summaried. I agree, I wish he (Dez) would have made the catch and then scored TD on the next play. Then the Packers drive down the field (as they did) and Mason kicks the winning FG as time expires. Then we would be talking about 12, 17, 18 & 42 game performances