NFC Championship Game: Lacy, Lynch, Russell, Rodgers.

The game is fast approaching. The analysts are flapping their jaws about Rodgers this, Sherman that..but the only thing that matters is the team with the hats on at the end of the game. This one will be close, I’m sure. Don’t expect this to be a repeat of week 1.

Here are 5 reasons the NFC Championship Game will be a good one.

1. The Legion of Boom. The Seahawks are on a rampage defensively. I’m sure we all saw Kam Chancellor and his ridiculousness last week. It was literally inhuman.  And Richard Sherman is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Week 1, the Pack limited themselves by throwing away from Sherman. He’s THAT good. That said, the Pack’s defense has really stepped up in the last third of the season. We’ve improved and it’ll be interesting to see if we can contain the slippery Russell Wilson and tackle Mr. Skittles.

2. Aaron Rodgers. Okay, next point…just kidding. But judging on the NFC Divisional Playoff game, we saw both the slump and the MVP qualities of Aaron show up. The condition of his leg WILL play a factor, but we also saw an amazing second-half performance by the 2011 MVP.

3. Big Bad Backs. Lynch and Lacy. Double L, double awesome. At this point we’re all somewhat used to these multiple stiff-arm, continually spinning, never-go-down running backs, but with an O-line that’s continuously improved, look to see Lacy step-up and match Lynch step for step this game. Getting the running game going will be huge for the Packers, and if the Hawks shut’em down, it’s going to be tough to win. Determining factor in this game is Rush Yards. I’ll put money on it that whoever has more will win this one.

4. Jordyyyyyyy & Company. Week 1 there was Davante who? Adams has proved a better receiver than Boykin this season and with Nelson, Cobb, and Adams out there almost every play, one of them is bound to get open. Look for some double-move streaks from Adams and Rodgers to throw it right at Sherman. The MVP candidate isn’t afraid to throw the ball into tight spaces and is accurate as ever, even with his hurt calf. Need a reminder? Look back at the Rodgers to Rodgers TD from the Divisional game.

5. It’s the NFC Championship Game. The further we get into the season, the better the matchups are. Let’s be honest here. A potential MVP winner, a young SuperBowl defending club, the noise, the fans. It’ll be good regardless of what side you’re rooting for.

That said…

Go Pack Go.