What’s Guion On In Title Town?! Packers DT Arrested For Felony Possession.

Yesterday, it was announced that Packers nose tackle Letroy Guion was arrested in Florida for felony possession of marijuana as well as a firearm and over $190K in cash. After hearing that, you gotta ask yourself, what’s goin’ on Guion? Funny thing about Guion though. He was a Viking before signing with the Packers last year…there might be a reason that Packers go to Minnesota, but not the other way around.

Let’s take a look at players who have gone from the Packers to the Vikings. Jennings, Favre, Longwell, Sharper, the list goes on. All of which have left a decently bad taste in Packer fans mouths. But why isn’t it the other way around? Does Ted Thompson have something against the boys across the river? There might be something to that thought…

Since we’re on the topic of arrests though, let me just direct your attention to this little stat.

Minnesota Vikings hold the record for most arrests since 2000. Here’s a graph.

Now, I’m not saying that all Vikings players are up to no good and the Packers don’t want thugs on their team, but isn’t it a little convenient that one of the ONLY players ever to head east to Title Town from the Twin Cities gets arrested? Correlation without causation? Most likely. That said, I’m thinking the guys in the booth are going to think a little harder about signing a major deal with Letroy, regardless of how desperately we need a Nose Tackle.


Go Pack Go.