Nigel Hayes & Stenographer “Hey Your Mic Is On!”

Nigel Hayes has been coined the “Stenographer Guy” after having some fun at a press conference last week. Hayes rattled off words like “xylophone”, “onomatopoeia”, “cattywampus”, and “antidisestablishmentarianism” giving the Omaha stenographers a run for their money. This week however, Hayes’ cheeks got a little rosey as he mumbled the words:

“Gosh, she’s beautiful!”

In reference to the stenographers in LA.

Nigel took it in stride though, and the press conference went on after a few good laughs from the local reporters.

The Badgers look to top the UNC Tarheels tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California to get to the Elite Eight. Pending an Arizona win later in the evening, the Badger will potentially play the EXACT SAME Regional Final match-up to get to the Final 4 for the second straight time.

Last year’s controversial 1-point victory over the Wildcats took place at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. A virtual home game for the then #1 seed. This year, the potential rematch would take place just 30-miles from that same location. The Staples Center in Los Angeles. Another would-be home game for the now #2 seeded Wildcats.

While the NCAA Tournament committee stresses time and again that TV ratings and rematches aren’t in the criteria for seeding the bracket, I call BS. The Regional Final in Anaheim last year was one of the best games in the tournament. It was decided by a single point. In a sporting event the grosses more ad revenue than the NFL playoffs combined including the SUPERBOWL, you bet this isn’t just a coincidence.

Until then, we have to beat a tough UNC team with the second highest strength-of-schedule throughout the year. This Tarheels team isn’t afraid of tough Championship quality teams. Be prepared for a great game, this one will come down to the wire.

Go Big Red.

  • Braskie

    Pretty sure Nigel’s ‘gaff’ was intentional, knowing his comedy style. Bring on Arizona!